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Bosch  GWS 18-230 GWS 19-230 GWS 20-230 H GWS 21-230 Carbon Brushes 1607014171
Bosch GWS 18-230 GWS 19-230 GWS 20-230 H GWS 21-230 Carbon Brushes 1607014171
Carbon Brushes for Bosch GWS 18-230 GWS 19-230 GWS 20-230 H GWS 21-230 1607014171
Carbon Brushes for Bosch GWS 18-230 GWS 19-230 GWS 20-230 H GWS 21-230 1607014171

Carbon Brushes for Bosch GWS 18-230 GWS 19-230 GWS 20-230 H GWS 21-230 1607014171

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Bosch 1607014171 Carbon Brushes for the following models:
Our brushes have AUTO STOP feature to safely let you know its time to change the brushes and prolonging the life span of your machines please do not mistake them for cheaper versions sold on ebay



  • 1356 G Angle Grinder
  • 1353 Angle Grinder
  • 1357 Angle Grinder
  • 1357 G Angle Grinder
  • 1361 G Angle Grinder
  • 1362 G Angle Grinder
  • 1752 Angle Grinder
  • 1752 G Angle Grinder
  • 1752 G7 Angle Grinder
  • 1754 Angle Grinder
  • GNS 14 Angle Grinder
  • GWS 18 U Angle Grinder
  • GWS 180 J Angle Grinder
  • GWS 18-230 Angle Grinder
  • GWS 19-180 Angle Grinder
  • GWS 19-230 Angle Grinder
  • GWS 2000 Angle Grinder
  • GWS 2000-18 J Angle Grinder
  • GWS 2000-18 JH Angle Grinder
  • GWS 2000-180 J Angle Grinder
  • GWS 2000-23 J Angle Grinder
  • GWS 2000-23 JH Angle Grinder
  • GWS 2000-230 Angle Grinder
  • GWS 2000-230 J Angle Grinder
  • GWS 2000-230 JH Angle Grinder
  • GWS 20-180 Angle Grinder
  • GWS 20-180 H Angle Grinder
  • GWS 20-180 J Angle Grinder
  • GWS 20-180 JH Angle Grinder
  • GWS 20-230 H Angle Grinder
  • GWS 20-230 J Angle Grinder
  • GWS 20-230 JH Angle Grinder
  • GWS 20-230H Angle Grinder
  • GWS 20-230JH Angle Grinder
  • GWS 21 U Angle Grinder
  • GWS 21-180 Angle Grinder
  • GWS 21-180 H Angle Grinder
  • GWS 21-180 HV Angle Grinder
  • GWS 21-180 JH Angle Grinder
  • GWS 21-180 JHV Angle Grinder
  • GWS 21-230 Angle Grinder
  • GWS 21-230 H Angle Grinder
  • GWS 21-230 HV Angle Grinder
  • GWS 21-230 JH Angle Grinder
  • GWS 21-230 JHV Angle Grinder
  • GWS 22 Angle Grinder
  • GWS 22-180 Angle Grinder
  • GWS 22-180 H Angle Grinder
  • GWS 22-180 JH Angle Grinder
  • GWS 22-180 LV Angle Grinder
  • GWS 22-180 LVI Angle Grinder
  • GWS 22-230 Angle Grinder
  • GWS 22-230 H Angle Grinder
  • GWS 22-230 JH Angle Grinder
  • GWS 22-230 LV Angle Grinder
  • GWS 22-230 LVI Angle Grinder
  • GWS 230 Angle Grinder
  • GWS 230 H Angle Grinder
  • GWS 230 J Angle Grinder
  • GWS 230 JH Angle Grinder
  • GWS 2300-23 J Angle Grinder
  • GWS 23-180 Angle Grinder
  • GWS 23-180 + SDS Angle Grinder
  • GWS 23-180 J Angle Grinder
  • GWS 23-180 JS Angle Grinder
  • GWS 23-180 S Angle Grinder
  • GWS 23-230 Angle Grinder
  • GWS 23-230 J Angle Grinder
  • GWS 23-230 JS Angle Grinder
  • GWS 23-230 S Angle Grinder
  • GWS 2400-23 JH Angle Grinder
  • GWS 24-180 Angle Grinder
  • GWS 24-180 B Angle Grinder
  • GWS 24-180 BV Angle Grinder
  • GWS 24-180 BX Angle Grinder
  • GWS 24-180 H Angle Grinder
  • GWS 24-180 J Angle Grinder
  • GWS 24-180 JB Angle Grinder
  • GWS 24-180 JBV Angle Grinder
  • GWS 24-180 JBX Angle Grinder
  • GWS 24-180 JH Angle Grinder
  • GWS 24-180 LV Angle Grinder
  • GWS 24-180 LVI Angle Grinder
  • GWS 24-23 JH Angle Grinder
  • GWS 24-230 Angle Grinder
  • GWS 24-230 B Angle Grinder
  • GWS 24-230 BV Angle Grinder
  • GWS 24-230 BX Angle Grinder
  • GWS 24-230 H Angle Grinder
  • GWS 24-230 JB Angle Grinder
  • GWS 24-230 JBV Angle Grinder
  • GWS 24-230 JBX Angle Grinder
  • GWS 24-230 JH Angle Grinder
  • GWS 24-230 JVX Angle Grinder
  • GWS 24-230 LVI Angle Grinder
  • GWS 24-230JVX Angle Grinder
  • GWS 24-300 Angle Grinder
  • GWS 24-300 I Angle Grinder
  • GWS 25-180 Angle Grinder
  • GWS 25-180 J Angle Grinder
  • GWS 25-180 JS Angle Grinder
  • GWS 25-180 S Angle Grinder
  • GWS 25-230 Angle Grinder
  • GWS 25-230 J Angle Grinder
  • GWS 25-230 JS Angle Grinder
  • GWS 25-230 S Angle Grinder
  • GWS 26-180 B Angle Grinder
  • GWS 26-180 BV Angle Grinder
  • GWS 26-180 H Angle Grinder
  • GWS 26-180 JB Angle Grinder
  • GWS 26-180 JBV Angle Grinder
  • GWS 26-180 JH Angle Grinder
  • GWS 26-180 LVI Angle Grinder
  • GWS 26-230 B Angle Grinder
  • GWS 26-230 BV Angle Grinder
  • GWS 26-230 H Angle Grinder
  • GWS 26-230 JB Angle Grinder
  • GWS 26-230 JBV Angle Grinder
  • GWS 26-230 JH Angle Grinder
  • GWS 26-230 LVI Angle Grinder
  • PWS 20-230 Angle Grinder
  • PWS 20-230 J Angle Grinder
  • B9600 Combi-Angle Grinder
  • GCM 10 J Compound Mitre Saw
  • GCO 2 Cutoff saw
  • GCO 2000 Cutoff saw
  • GCO 2400 J Cutoff saw
  • TCO 2000 Cutoff saw
  • GCD 12 JL Mitre Saw
  • GCM 10 Slide Mitre Saw
  • GCM 10M Slide Mitre Saw
  • GBF 65 A Wall Chaser
  • GNF 65 A Wall Chaser
  • GSF 100 A Wall Chasing Machine
  • GNS 14 W Wet Grinder


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• Use of the product for anything other than intended use.
• Change or modification of the product in any way.
• Defects caused by the use of parts or accessories which are not Manufacturer genuine components.
• Faulty installation if applicable.
• Repairs or alterations carried out by parties other than authorised repair agents.
• Claims, other than the right to correction of faults with the product covered by these conditions.
• Slight deviations from the specification that do not affect the functionality of the product

All spare parts are brand new however they are NOT covered by any guarantee once they have been fitted to the machine, Top Deals Online Limited do not take any responsibility for any spare parts fitted incorrectly or ordered incorrectly and as result causing your power tool(s) to not function or become damaged in the process there after. All repair work carried out using any of our parts are at the owners risk and you should seek professional technicians help before undertaking any type of repair work themselves.

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