How Long Do Carbon Brushes Last in Power Tools?

how long do carbon brushes last

How long do carbon brushes last?

Carbon brushes will on average last between 1 and 5 years in most power tools but this is all dependant on how much they are used in number of hours, the more daily use the power tool has the quicker it will wear over a certain period of time. 

Some brushes can last longer than others all depending on the power of the tool (aka how much wear it puts through the brushes per use). High AH battery powered cordless tools can wear the brushes away really quickly.

On a side note, as the battery technology changes, many cordless tools are changing to brushless formats to combat the need to change parts so regularly.

Signs of Wearing Carbon Brushes

The classic signs your brushes are ready to be replaced are:

  1. More Sparks Than Usual - a little sparking is normal, but if it's gradually getting worse then it is a sign of excessive wearing of brushes.
  2. Drops in Performance - if the tool is losing RPM and general performance, then it's a sign of the carbon brushes wearing out.
  3. Burning Smell - Caused by arcing or flashing could be a sign of brushes not fitted correctly, excessive brush wear damaged or dirty commutator. There are different types of smells that can also indicate other underlying issues with armatures and winding insulations which all leave distinctive smells. In any case you should stop using the power tool immediately and seek professional advice from a repair technician to diagnose exact cause.

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