How to Stop Motor Brushes from Sparking?

sparking power tool in factory

Why are the motor brushes sparking?

If your motor brushes are sparking, it may be a sign excessive brush wear, a damaged or dirty commutator, or an incorrectly installed or incompatible brush.

Some sparking is normal within a tool, but if it starts to get worse, it's likely a sign that the carbon brush is wearing.

To monitor the sparking from your tool, you can check the air vents when in use, and this helps you to gauge how much the sparking has changed over time.

When checking for sparking or arcing, a decent observable examination of the commutator and brushes will have to be conducted.

What could be the cause of the sparking?

Check to see if there is a loose carbon brush cap, or any excessive dirt or bits in the mechanisms that could stop the brushes from working correctly.

If there is excess sparking (arching) this could be a sign for the carbon brushes not having proper contact against the commutator (the copper segments) and means that there could be a possibility of wear of the commutator.

if this is the case once its been diagnosed by a professional tool repair technician then you may need to change the armature.

If after inspecting your carbon brushes you notice signs of breaking, crumbling or burning; then it's definitely recommended to replace the armature immediately as no amount of brush changing will help.

If there is a discolouring on the spring such as a rainbow pattern, then it could be a sign of broken lead in the spring, which indicates a replacement is needed.

If the spring has collapsed completely, then you definitely need a new brush.

How long can I wait when I notice motor brushes sparking?

You shouldn't leave worn brushes in a tool for very long, as they can damage the armature which is very expensive to fix.

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Preventative Measures

To stop your motor brushes sparking as quickly next time, you can take prevenative measures to prolong their life.

Ensuring your motor brush is the right size and specification for your tool will help to avoid excessive wear through a loose or tight connection.

Proper care and maintenance of your tool, including cleaning, will ensure no debris causes excess friction.

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